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Working Group  
National Policy for Open Science

Following the Resolution of the Council of Ministers nr 21/2016, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) was mandated to create an Interministerial Working Group whose mission is to present a proposal for a Strategic Plan for the implementation of an Open Science National Policy (GT-PNCA).

The working group will

  • Advise the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education about the strategic orientation for the Open Science initiative.

  • Develop a diagnostic about the state-of-the-art of current practices in Open Science in Portugal.

  • Promote a dialogue with the scientific community and with society in general, around issues associated with Open Science, namely open access to publications and data, information infrastructures for publications and data, digital repositories, digital preservation, institutional policies, evaluation and incentives, intellectual property, social engagement and collaborative research practices.

  • Identify best practices in the domain of Open Science and develop orientation, training and awareness programs directed to diverse Audiences.

  • Recommend sectorial goals and indicators with the aim to promote a monitored and transparent transition to Open Science.

Structure and Composition

Group of International Observers

Working Group on Open Science (MCTES)

Advisory Commission

Executive Commission

WG Scientific



WG Open Access and Open Data

WG Infrastructures

and Digital Preservation

WG Scientific Evaluation

GT-PNCA is composed by two committees which integrate representatives of institutions of the national science and technologic system. as well as other relevant organisations. It is the role of the Advisory Committee to provide non-binding advice on intermediate reports and to present a final report of the sub-working groups. An Executive Committee  is responsible for monitoring the progress of the work. The working sub-Groups will produce studies, assessments and recommendations, and are organized by following axes: i) Open access and open data; ii) Infrastructures and digital preservation; iii) Scientific evaluation; iv) Scientific social responsibility.

In the Advisory Commission are representatives of following entities:

  • Foundation for Science and Technology;

  • Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities;

  • Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes;

  • National Innovation Agency;

  • Portuguese Association of Private Higher Education Institutions;

  • National Agency for Scientific and Technology Culture;

  • National Commission for Data Protection;

  • Agency for Development and Cohesion;

  • Portuguese Association of Editors and booksellers;

  • General-Directorate for Education and Science Statistics;

  • General-Directorate for Higher Education;

  • Higher Education Accreditation and Evaluation Agency;

  • Portuguese Association of Higher Education Editors;

  • General Direction of the Book, Archives and Libraries;

  • National Library of Portugal;

  • Academic Associations and Student Structures.


The Executive Commission is composed by representatives from MCTES (Ana Alves Pereira, Cristina Caldeira, Filipe Guimarães Silva) and the coordinators and rapporteurs of the working sub‑groups.


The working sub-groups are organised as below:


Open access and open data

  • Eloy Rodrigues | University of Minho – Coordinator

  • Vasco Vaz | Foundation for Science and Technology – Relator

  • Delfim Leão | University of Coimbra

  • Dulce Correia | Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

  • José Magalhães | Observatory of the Digital World

  • Maria João Amante | ISCTE-IUL

  • Pedro Campos | Portuguese Society of Authors


Infrastructures and digital preservation

  • João Nuno Ferreira | Foundation for Science and Technology – Coordinator

  • Cristina Ribeiro | Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto - Relator

  • Inês Cordeiro | National Library of Portugal

  • João Mendes Moreira | Foundation for Science and Technology  

  • Francisco Barbedo | Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries


Scientific evaluation

  • Lígia Ribeiro | Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto – Coordinator

  • Maria Manuel Borges | Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra – Relator

  • Ana Sanchez | Foundation for Science and Technology  

  • Diana Silva | Polytechnic Institute of Porto

  • Karin Wall | Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon

  • Nuno Lima | Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of NOVA University of Lisbon


Scientific social responsibility

  • Pedro Príncipe | University of Minho – Coordinator

  • Carlos Catalão | National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture Ciência Viva - Relator

  • Filipe Leal | BibliotecAtiva

  • Ivo Neto | Association of Scientific Research Fellows

  • Gonçalo Madail | Radio and Television of Portugal

  • Manuela Silva | School Libraries Network of the Ministry of Education

  • Margarida Oleiro | Public Library Network of the Directorate-General for Books, Archives and Libraries

  • Mónica Pedro | FABLAB’s


The activities of the Working Group have been complemented by other initiatives under the orientation of MCTES, namely the organization of working meetings and other meetings with national and international experts, to discuss different aspects of Open Science.


The final report of the Working Group will be finalized in February 2017 and will be reviewed by a group of international observers who are responsible for assessing it. The proposal for the National Open Science Policy will be publicly presented in April 2017.It will be presented to the public discussion at that time.

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