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About Open Science


Open Science allows the sharing of knowledge among the scientific community, society and companies, thus making it possible to increase the recognition and social and economic impact of science. Open Science is more than the open access of data and publications, is the openness of the scientific process as a whole, reinforcing the concept of scientific social responsibility. The implementation of an Open Science practice also generates multiple opportunities for innovation. It allows to boost the development of new products, services, businesses and companies..

Pillars of Open Science

  • Open Access

  • Open Data

  • Research | Open Innovation

  • Open Science Networks

  • Citizen Science

Advantages of Open Science

  • Increases research efficiency

  • Increases knowledge of the scientific work process

  • Promotes academic rigor and increases the quality of research

  • Accelerates the creation of new research themes

  • Promotes the involvement of society and culture / scientific literacy

  • Increases the economic and social impact of science

  • Values intellectual property

  • Promotes scientific return to institutions

More about Open Science:

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