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National Open Science Policy

The Government and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education have defined as a priority the commitment of science to the principles and practices of Open Science, they are engaged in the elaboration and implementation of a National Open Science Policy based on the statement that Knowledge belongs to all and is for all.


Open Science is not, however, an end in itself, but a way that allows the translation of scientific knowledge to the scientific community, society and companies, thus making it possible to increase the recognition and social and economic impact of science._d04a07d8-9cd1 -3239-9149-20813d6c673b_


Its pillars include: (i) transparency in practices, methodology, observation and data collection, (ii) public availability and re-use of scientific data, public access and transparency in scientific communication, (iv) use of web-based tools to Facilitate scientific collaboration.


In pursuit of this goal, the MCTES published in February a document with the Guiding Principles for Open Science | Knowledge for All and in March, the Council of Ministers approved a resolution with the guidelines for the National Open Science Policy and mandated the MCTES to create an Interministerial Working Group (WG-NOSP).


The National Open Science Policy will be presented to the public in April 2017, subject to discussion.

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